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Capture Attention with Effective Handouts in Brooklyn, New York: Handouts are essential for any event or business to effectively convey information to their audience.

Whether it's a workshop, seminar, or promotional event, a well-designed handout can make all the difference in capturing and retaining your audience's attention.

SaveMor Digital Printing, a Brooklyn-based printing company, specializes in creating eye-catching and effective handouts that will leave a lasting impression.


Seamlessly Assembled Handouts in Brooklyn, New York

Our handouts are meticulously collated and securely stapled at the top left corner, ensuring a neat and organized presentation. Perfect for immediate use or distribution, they provide a professional touch to any material.

Generous Page Capacity

Catering to expansive content needs, SaveMor can collate up to 100 pages (50 sheets). This feature is particularly beneficial for comprehensive course materials or extensive reports, making it a versatile choice for various academic and professional requirements.

Educational Essentials

Our handouts serve as essential tools for educational facilities, including courses in elementary and high schools and colleges. They facilitate learning by providing students with clear and organized materials, enhancing their educational experience.

Flexible Printing Options

Our handouts in Brooklyn, New York can be printed in crisp black and white on standard copy paper or in vibrant color, meeting a wide range of visual requirements. This flexibility ensures that the final product is tailored to the specific needs of your content, whether it's for academic, professional, or promotional purposes.

Superior Paper Quality

For those seeking a touch of sophistication, we offer printing on premium bright white text paper, which is noticeably heavier and of higher quality than regular copy paper. This option elevates the perceived value of the handouts, making a lasting impression on the recipients.

Versatile Usage

Beyond the classroom, our handouts prove invaluable resources for conferences, educational workshops, and training sessions. Their structured format and portability make them ideal for disseminating information in various learning environments.

Beyond Education: A Tool for Business

Many businesses have adopted our handouts as a supplementary sales tool. Detailed specifications and product information can be neatly presented, making them a practical choice for manufacturing and other industries aiming to communicate complex information efficiently.

Top Tips for Creating Effective Handouts in Brooklyn, New York

  • Keep the design simple and uncluttered to avoid overwhelming the reader.
  • Use a mix of text and visuals, such as charts, diagrams, or images, to break up large chunks of information and make it easier to digest.
  • Clearly label sections and use headings and subheadings for easy navigation.
  • Use high-quality paper stock for a professional and polished look.
  • Utilize color strategically to draw attention to important information or key points.
  • Proofread carefully for any spelling or grammatical errors before printing.


Don't settle for mediocre handouts that fail to impact your audience. Contact SaveMor Digital Printing in Brooklyn, NY, today, and let us help you create compelling handouts that will leave a lasting impression. 


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