Get Your Order Printed Faster

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Tips and tricks to speed up the printing process

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1. Get your files right.

Make sure your files are correctly sized, formatted, and at the right resolution. We prefer PDF files with crop marks and extended bleeds of 0.125in. Sending other formats is possible, but processing them may cause problems that will slow your job down. Make sure any images used are 300dpi at the finished size.


2. Keep in touch.

Check your email regularly for updates or question about your order. Sometimes our messages get caught by the spam filter, so check there as well.


3. Don’t just send a file.

Sending a file without filling out a product form means at least two rounds of additional back-and-forth. You want it processed quickly? Fill out the form, place an order, complete check out. Make a payment as well, if applicable.


4. Other tips:

a. Send double-sided designs in one file.

b. Send books as single pages, not spreads.

c. Do not try to multi-up/impose the file. It only makes more work for us. More work means more time.

d. Make sure your file's detail match your selections on the forms. Please read the forms carefully.

e. Don't place an order at 5:50pm and expect it to be done at 10am the next day. We have families and lives; We go home.