Quick Copy Services in Brooklyn, New York: Your One-Stop Shop for All Copy and Printing Needs

Efficient Copy Services and Exceptional Customer Service 

We understand the importance of high-quality copies, so we use state-of-the-art technology to ensure top-notch results with a fast, while-you-wait, copy service.  

Our experienced professionals are dedicated to helping you achieve your printing goals while exceeding your expectations. We do all this amazingly fast, with most copy needs processed within 5 – 10 minutes.

Check Out These Great Copy Services!

Dedicated Computer or E-mail Us!

We proudly offer you a dedicated PC with cutting-edge technology, ensuring seamless file sharing and effortless e-mail access. This invaluable service enhances your productivity, empowering you to stay organized and on top of your tasks effortlessly.

  • Single page copy - $2.75 per single black and white print.
  • Multiple pages - $4.00 for six black and white copies or four color prints.
  • Additional pages at the copy rates listed below.

Black & White Copies

Visit our locations to print your original documents. You can trust that our state-of-the-art printers will handle your copying needs precisely and efficiently. 

  • $0.30 per machine feedable page.
  • $0.50 per manual, glass placement page.
  • Choice of any paper, any standard size up to 11x17 inches

Color Copies

Color copies from SaveMor Printing are not only affordable but also versatile. Our state-of-the-art printers can produce color prints on any paper and in any standard size, creating vibrant and eye-catching prints.

  • $0.90 cents per page
  • Choice of any paper, any standard size up to 11x17 inches.


Keep your documents protected and looking professional with our lamination services.

  • $4.00 per document, any paper, any standard size up to 11 x 17 inches.

 Fax Services

 Stay connected with our reliable and efficient online fax services.

  • $4.00 for up to six pages either sent or received.
  • Additional pages - $0.50 per page.


Our copiers can handle up to ten pages at a time and are equipped to scan documents of any size and type.

  • $4.00 for document feedable scans up to ten pages.
  • Additional pages - $0.15 per page.
  • Manual scans or sheets larger than 11x17 inches are additional costs.

Coil Binding

Enhance your documents with plastic coil binding, featuring a sleek clear cover and a stylish black back. Coil binding up to 200 pages and only at our Boerum Hills location.

  • $4.00 for coil binding with covers

Affordable Prices and Customized Solutions 

At SaveMor Printing, quality and service is everything to us.  That's why we offer the best copy services in Brooklyn. 

We also understand that every customer's needs are unique, so we provide customized solutions to meet your specific printing requirements. Among the services we offer are: 

  • Graphic Design: Our team of designers can bring your ideas to life and create eye-catching marketing materials that will make a lasting impression.
  • Digital Printing: Our state-of-the-art digital printers can produce high-quality prints in various sizes and formats.
  • Finishing Services: From UV coating and binding to cutting and folding, we offer a range of finishing services to give your prints a professional touch. 

Fast Turnaround Time for Urgent Needs 

We know deadlines can be tight, so we offer a fast turnaround time for urgent printing needs. Whether you need last-minute flyers for a business presentation or same-day brochures for an event, we are here to help.